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Background & Experience

The basic motive behind the hygienic consultation of Harold Wainess & Associates is to emphasize the importance of excellent hygienic practices, quality and safety in food and dairy products. It is the consultants' purpose to work for and guide dairy processors, manufacturers of dairy processing equipment and converters of food packaging material toward avoiding hygienic pitfalls while striving to maintain the highest quality standards possible.
Harold Wainess began the consulting business over 65 years ago after a noteworthy career in public health. He was widely recognized for his leadership and expertise during his years with the U.S. Public Health Service / Food and Drug Administration.

Harold Wainess & Associates have been food safety consultants to many of the world's leading dairy and food processors, manufacturers of dairy and food processing and packaging equipment, fabricators of plastic and paper food containers and various organizations and associations involved in the food industry. In the last 25 years they have specialized in the field of aseptic and extended shelf-life processing and the manufacture of food packaging materials. Their expertise is known on an international level.

The company has conducted thousands of audits for overall food safety control and regulatory compliance. This includes evaluating the physical structure of the facility, equipment design, construction and installation, and operating procedures from raw material receiving to finished product packaging. Detailed, critical reviews of the entire plant operation by an unbiased source are an important aspect of the plant's total quality program and can be used to strengthen and augment existing in-house programs. They also develop and validate HACCP plans for many companies in the dairy and food industries. A major part of their responsibility is evaluating processing systems and packaging equipment based on compliance with the Grade "A" Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO) and the 3-A Sanitary Standards and Practices. They were instrumental in assisting a dairy in Europe in obtaining official Grade-A certification. This is the first facility located outside the U.S. to ever receive this classification. Harold Wainess & Associates has recently been selected as a Third Party Certifier in the NCIMS International Certification Program.

Kenneth Anderson joined Harold Wainess & Associates in 1984 after serving with the Illinois Department of Public Health, Dairy Inspection Division. Daniel Erickson is the most recent addition to the company and served nineteen years with the Minnesota Department of Agriculture, Dairy Inspection Division. Both have worked in many different capacities in the dairy industry. These included working with dairy producers, milk transport companies and a diversity of small and large food and dairy processing plants. One of their many accomplishments was to establish control laboratories and troubleshooting for a large dairy equipment manufacturer specializing in HTST and UHT pasteurization. This has given them a thorough knowledge of every facet of the industry and makes them uniquely qualified to conduct hygienic audits and evaluate the design and function of food and dairy processing plants and equipment.

Kenneth Anderson is currently a member of the NCIMS Technical Engineering Review Committee. Daniel Erickson served for many years on the 3-A Committee on Sanitary Procedure, acting as the committee chair for five of those years. (The 3-A CSP represents regulatory interests in the 3-A Sanitary Standards and Practices development process.) Harold, Ken and Dan have been active participants in the National Conference on Interstate Milk Shipments (NCIMS) and the International Association for Food Protection (IAFP).

Harold Wainess & Associates are participants in a number of 3-A Sanitary Standards Committees, which are responsible for developing hygiene standards for all types of food processing and packaging equipment. Ken and Dan are Certified Conformance Evaluators (CCE's) under the Third Party Verification (TPV) program initiated by 3-A Sanitary Standards, Inc. 3-A Standards are used by regulatory agencies around the world as a basis for determining whether equipment is in compliance with specific construction and design criteria and are also used as a specification when purchasing new equipment.

In the field of food packaging, Harold Wainess & Associates is recognized by the US Food and Drug Administration, Milk Safety Branch, to conduct official audits of foreign and domestic fabricators of single-service packaging materials for certification and listing in the FDA/IMS Publication. This aspect along with their knowledge of processing and packaging equipment provides them with the unique ability and expertise to trouble-shoot and evaluate a wide range of problem areas and develop programs that prevent problems from occurring.

Harold Wainess and Associates is among the best in the quality of their work, is devoted solely to full time consultation and does not have a product or other service to sell. Ken and Dan have each been recognized by their peers for their accomplishments, receiving awards from the International Association for Food Protection. They are renowned for their hygienic evaluations of all types of dairy and food processing facilities. This, coupled with their knowledge of aseptic processing and packaging equipment from both a regulatory and operational standpoint, places them in a unique category of aseptic specialists. In this age of increasingly stringent requirements, those in the food and dairy industries can fully utilize the knowledge and experience of Harold Wainess & Associates in developing effective and outstanding hygienic control programs.

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